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Sewer System Repair Company Santa Monica

Blocked sewer lines can quickly turn from a hassle into a municipal health hazards — and irate phone calls. Whether blocking is caused by sewer back-up or natural disasters such as landslides, mudflows or flooding, you need someone who can assist you with the right type of equipments and experienced employees. That is when you can count on Plumbers Santa Monica.

We can clear any sewer or drain block -- residential, commercial or business. Our specialists are qualified and equipped with the most state-of-the-art drain snaking and other drain cleaning equipments.

Keeps your sewer system running nicely with:

• Hydro Jetting
• Tree root removal Santa Monica
• Grease removal
• Clearing clogged toilets
• Clogged tubs Santa Monica
• Storm sewer maintenance

Our hydro-jetting service, which uses high-pressure water to search within the drain tube, can remove soft obstacles and recover the tube to near-original size. Hydro-jetting is unmatched in its ability to clean the drain tube and in avoiding future clogged drains.

We’ll gladly provide free estimates for all of our plumbing cleaning services. Contact Plumber Santa Monica today at (310) 421-0228 for free estimate for any of our sewer cleaning services.


I am extremely pleased with every factor of Plumbers Santa Monica's work on my home. It had been beyond my expectations. The service guy was very professional. He arrived right away and explained my problem. He called the restoration company for me personally also because I had no clue how to move forward when the plumbing problem was fixed. I'm very grateful and that I will recommend your company all my relatives and friends.
- Mayer J.